Announcing the Inaugural Registrar of the Year Award.

From the artist’s studio to the museum, gallery, biennial or collector’s home, art is always moving. If the art handlers who transport the work are the arteries of the art world, then the registrars and collections managers are its nerves.

These logistical masterminds often possess a superhuman attention to detail coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of all the works coming their way; from the paper it is printed on down to how that paper ages, and the best way to ensure it travels safely. Yet through all the condition reports, insurance forms, late night emails and solved mysteries, the stalwart registrar is often in the shadows.

In recognition of these steel-nerved super-beings, Atelier 4 is pleased to present the first annual Registrar of the Year Award. #registraroftheyear

This December, 2019 one deserving winner will receive a $5000 cash prize and be crowned 2019’s Registrar of the Year during an event at the newly-renovated Artists Space in New York City.

“As a leading logistics company we deal with registrars on an hourly basis and recognize how they are the overlooked and under-acknowledged cogs in the art world system,” says Jonathan Schwartz, Founder and CEO, Atelier 4.

Danielle Hall Bennett, President of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, expressed her excitement for the award as well. “Registrars and collections specialists represent an essential and all-to-often overlooked piece of the cultural heritage world,” she said. “It is wonderful to see them being recognized for their contributions to their fields in this way.”

Cherie Summers

Cherie Summers


The inaugural Registrar of the Year Award will honor Cherie Summers. In 1992, Atelier 4 CEO Jonathan Schwartz met Cherie Summers in the early days of Atelier 4 when she served as Registrar of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Her openness and generosity during that encounter helped inspire the Registrar of the Year Award. Cherie began her career at the Guggenheim Museum in 1978 and in her more than 35-year-long career would work at the Museum of Modern Art and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Even following her formal retirement in 2014 her professional acumen and strength of character shines through as she continues to serve as a mentor and valued contributor to the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS), and works at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum today.


How it works

Nominations must come from a colleague, and nominees must have the professional title of “Registrar”, or the equivalent. We know that many in the art world wear many hats, but this one is for the full-timers. Nominations will consist of a brief written questionnaire that explains what makes your registrar truly stand out. To nominate your registrar, simply head to our nominate page and submit your entry along with a headshot (for promotional purposes) and an email contact so we can keep you informed.

  • Nominations will open on October 1st and close at 12:00 pm on October 16th, at which point all nominees will go up for public voting.

  • Nominees and their respective organizations are encouraged to drive their friends and colleagues to show their support by voting. Please tag your efforts with #registraroftheyear

  • At midnight on November 16th voting will close and the top 20 nominees will be reviewed by our acclaimed guest judge, Clynton Lowry, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Art Handler Magazine and

  • All top nominees will be invited to attend the 2019 Registrar of the Year party this December at Artists Space, where the winner will be announced.

Nominees will be judged on a range of criteria including professional accomplishments and innovations, technical acumen, art historical knowledge, and extraordinary experiences, instances of going the extra mile, and entertaining or heartfelt anecdotes.



The 2019 Registrar of the Year will be judged by Clynton Lowry!

Clynton Lowry is an artist and a writer, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of Art Handler magazine, and founder of Lowry received his MFA in painting from Yale School of Art, and his BA in English from UC Berkeley.



What makes your registrar the 2019 Registrar of the Year? Your nomination can range from the heartfelt to the absurd, but please make sure it stands out.



Check back on October 16th to vote for the 2019 Registrar of the Year!



Use our guide to determine eligibility and learn about the full contest timeline!